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Relationship problems

Relationship issues can be highly painful and distressing.


As humans, we're naturally wired from birth to need love, attention, harmony and group support.

In turn, we tend to be motivated to love and care for others.


Our close relationships with key people are the main reason humans have evolved to live in family units, to seek out and enjoy intimate bonds with others, to co-operate and work together and to care for children and loved-ones.

Whilst we have innate drives towards comfort, intimacy, and sexuality, other aspects of our psyche regulate how close we can get to others before we begin to feel uncomfortable and similarly how close we'll allow other people to get to us.

Relationships can be complex


Fear, anger, jealousy, resentment, rejection, submission and domination dynamics can play quietly leading roles in many of our personal and professional relationships.

There are any number of reasons stemming from both biological make-up and life experiences that can contribute toward how we are able to form and maintain relationships.


Both have a bearing on our levels of functioning and fulfilment in relationships.


Occasionally, there might be a particular relationship which is exerting an unhelpful, even toxic, impact on your life. It can help to seek relationship advice from a professional. 

Relationships with other people are so important to us, so crucial to our survival, that when they go wrong, or if they never go right, the resulting stress, anxiety, heartbreak and anger can be devastating.

Exploring your relationship issues in counselling and psychotherapy is a valuable way of gaining perspective and deep understanding around your difficulties .

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common reasons
for seeking counselling for relationship issues

Separation or divorce

family disagreements

Parenting difficulties

Problems forming close





Problems with sexual intimacy


Sibling rivalry

finding or keeping a suitable partner


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