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Self-awareness and personal growth

Self-awareness is a form of intelligence. It enables us to understand ourselves and others.


Self-awareness is how we come to appreciate our own attitudes, knowledge, opinions, desires, strengths and limitations. 


It is something that continues to grow from the moment we’re born until the moment we die.

Being sufficiently aware of our thoughts and feelings contributes as much to what we mean when we say ‘intelligence’ as other factors like working memory and reasoning ability.

As human beings, we depend on our ability to read, understand, and react appropriately to others' signals and meanings.

Pathways Psychotherapy and Counselling in Brighton & Hove offers skilled step-by-step support in improving self-awareness and helping you to reach your goals for personal growth.
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emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is our ability to understand other people, what motivates them, and how we can best live and work co-operatively with them.


For the majority of us, Emotional Intelligence proves more of a defining factor for success in life than standard measures of intelligence such as IQ.


As individuals, we largely depend on our ability to read and understand other’s signals and meanings and react appropriately to navigate life.

Counselling and psychotherapy at Pathways can help you to develop improved emotional intelligence, in turn increasing your ability to understand, empathise with and negotiate relationships with others.

Greater self-awareness can be achieved as a direct result of the relational therapeutic process.


By ‘hearing’ your own mind at work, by listening to your therapist's own mind and receiving their input and feedback, you can discover yourself in the mind of another person.


This is a simple, yet extremely powerful experience.


Continuing to observe together your thoughts, feelings, opinions, hopes and connections can build a level of self-awareness which may not otherwise have been possible or prioritised in your life.


Your therapist, acting as both co-participant and observer, can help you to develop your ability to think and feel your way into different kinds situations whilst also holding yourself ‘in mind’.

Self-development and personal growth

Self-awareness is the precursor to self-development. It's the cornerstone for personal growth and making the kinds of positive changes you most hope for.


If you have a shaky understanding of what you think, how you feel, how you tend to behave towards others, your strengths and weaknesses and your sense of identity, it's very hard to move forward and address your greatest challenges.


Personal growth happens naturally when we take the time and create the space to really understand what makes us tick. When we become more self-aware, profound healing and personal growth will follow.


We can decide who we are and what it is we might want to change.

Meaningful personal growth is possible at any time in life, even right at the very, very end.

In therapy, self-awareness and personal growth can promote the burgeoning enhancement of every facet of you as a person, the beliefs you hold about yourself and others and the meanings you derive from being alive and being you.

Counselling and psychotherapy for personal growth and self-awareness can be a shorter-term or longer-term piece of work. Its general aims are to improve your experience of yourself and the world around you, increase your skills and sense of success and contribute towards enhanced self-esteem and self-efficacy.

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