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Therapy services

If you are looking for a therapist in the Brighton & Hove area, your decision to choose counselling or psychotherapy might well depend on your current needs, previous experiences of therapy, and the kinds of changes you're looking to make in your life. Click on the information above to find out more.

Pathways Psychotherapy and Counselling is located in welcoming, comfortable surroundings on the second floor of a professional building ideally located just off Palmeira Square, Central Hove.

Sessions last 50 minutes and cost £85 - £100 for face-to-face, online, or telephone counseling.



Counselling tends to be a shorter-term therapy which can help with a particular problem you're having right now.

Read more about counselling here

or click here to get in contact

Psychotherapy tends to be a longer-term therapy which can help you to decipher and gain relief from deeper issues.

Read more about psychotherapy here or click here to get in touch

The decision to begin therapy is an important one. Read more about what therapy is and how it works here or click here to arrange a discussion

Information on fees and payment options can be found here


If you'd like any further information on Pathways Psychotherapy and Counselling in Brighton & Hove or if you'd like to arrange a telephone consultation or book an appointment please get in touch by email

or call me directly on 07590 506567

Thank you, I'll be in touch soon.

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