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Psychotherapy is a talking therapy that involves exploring whatever is weighing heaviest on your mind right now as well as how this, or other issues, might connect to aspects of your past.


Psychotherapists are very interested in how you came to be 'you' and how your experiences have shaped your identity, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, behaviours and sense of self.


At Pathways Psychotherapy and Counselling in Brighton & Hove, you'll experience what it's like to feel truly, authentically 'met' by another person.

As you get used to how it feels to be fully heard and witnessed you might, perhaps, begin to notice parts of yourself that you have been silently judging, dismissing or even disliking. Such hidden dimensions to your psyche, once serving a necessary, protective purpose, could now be holding you back.



Sometimes the past, even if not consciously remembered, is nevertheless capable of exerting significant effects on the present.


In psychotherapy, you'll embark with your therapist on a journey of self-discovery and make full use of the unique opportunity a boundaried, consistent, skilful therapeutic relationship provides.


This alliance holds, in itself, an enormous potential to promote deep, long-lasting emotional and psychological change.

How can psychotherapy help?

The problems psychotherapy can help with are wide-ranging and include anxiety, depression, grief, relationship problems, issues surrounding sexuality and gender, trauma, eating disorders and addictions.


Psychotherapy can also help with more challenging difficulties such as chronic depression, schizophrenia, and disorders of the self including borderline, schizoid and obsessive-compulsive problems.


Present difficulties as well as certain past events and experiences, including significant relationships, will likely be explored in psychotherapy.

Neuroscience research has shown that psychotherapy can promote the formation of new neural pathways and adaptive connections between thoughts, body sensations, memories and feelings.


Psychotherapy tends to be longer-term than therapies such as counselling or CBT.


Allowing yourself time and space for therapy each week will, in turn, allow for new, surprising and successive shifts to become possible ultimately leading to an improved sense of 'being-you-in-the-world'.


Psychotherapy takes place weekly and lasts anywhere from around 6 months to a year or more.

​I offer psychotherapy on an individual, one-to-one basis to people aged 18+ from comfortable, welcoming consulting rooms in Brighton & Hove. Online therapy is also available.


If you'd like any further information on Pathways Psychotherapy and Counselling in Brighton & Hove or if you'd like
to arrange a telephone consultation or book an appointment please get in touch by using this form 
or call me directly on 07590 506567

Thank you, I'll be in touch soon.

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